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                                        OEM medical balloon

                                        OEM medical balloon (1)

                                        Customize a variety of semi-finished products of the balloon, the balloon took the design of a variety of purposes, materials PA, PEBAX, PET, PU, LATEX, Silicon rubber and so on.

                                        We specializes in the development and design of medical devices, with a particular focus on medical balloon research and production. We can provide integrated solutions of balloon and catheter related products as well as full-set production equipment according to customer requirements. 

                                        Material: PA, PEBAX, PU

                                        Brand: Lubrizol, Arekma, Evonik

                                        Production Environment: 100 000 Class Clean Room

                                        Main Equipments: 2 Balloon Tube Extrusion line, 5 Balloon Neck Forming Machine, 12 Balloon Forming Machine, other equipments such as Balloon Welding Machine, Rediopaque Swaging Machine, Balloon Pleating Machine, Balloon High Pressure Seal Tester, Tip Forming Machine